15 Jun 2020

AB-HA Exfoliating Cleanser I Felt Wonderful

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“This period of prolonged quarantine has obviously given me much more time at home. I cleaned, organized, threw stuff out…but I didn’t care for and pamper myself. As my hair grew messier and my nails broke off, I forgot the little things I can do to feel better. Like my …

17 Aug 2017

Reducing Skin Pore Size Is Simple If You Follow A Consistent Regimen

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Reducing Skin Pore Size is Simple if you follow a consistent regimen using Skin 2 Skin® skin care products.

By Kenneth Simpson, Chief Creator, Co-Founder & CEO

Large facial pores are an unsightly, challenging problem. Skin pores become visible and appear larger for a variety of reasons. Inadequate skin care and products …