Slim-Excess® is a unique active ingredient of the red alga Rhodophycea for a revolutionary slimming and lifting effect. Slim-Excess assist in controlling fat production through three slimming actions in the breakdown of fat, inhibiting fat production and fat cell proliferation.

Over time facial bone and muscles fibers that hold the facial fat pockets in the right places, lose volume and drop. The facial fat shifts downward crating baggy chins, jowls, and double chin. As we age the fats accumulate in the pockets and the face appears to round, heavier and develop a double chin.

Slim-Excess turns this heavier “U” older appearance into a more youthful “V’ shape triangular appearance by helping to clear excess fat from the chin, jowls, defining the contour of the cheeks, and significantly reduces the visible appearance of a double chin.

Slim-Excess B&A cheek and jowl

Slim-Excess B&A double chin

Slim-Excess key points:

  • Reshapes the oval “u” shape of the face into a more youthful “V’ shape in four weeks.
  • Improve visible appearance of the cheek contour.
  • Helps significantly decrease double chin appearance.
  • Contributes to improvement in skin elasticity reducing sagging skin appearance.

Skin2Skin reformulated Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum creating one of the most advanced sagging skin serums with the addition of Slim-Excess and Inst’Tight.

Awarded three consecutive years as Truth in Aging’s Best Anti-Sagging Skin Serum “Skin2Skin’s Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum is the best serum for sagging skin that we have in our store and one of our bestselling products”. Marta, Truth in Aging