Skin 2 Skin, Healthy Skin products are created using premium science  and natural ingredients in the perfect balance. Armed with the highest concentration of the most potent peptides, bio-actives, plant stem cells and a distinct list of forbidden ingredients, including no animal ingredients or testing, or line of products are as pure and as effective as they get making the skin look younger and healthier! Plus, all  Skin 2 Skin products are certified vegan and cruelty free.

Skin 2 Skin’s Anti-Aging Peptides and Other Active Ingredients:

Many of the peptides we use are relatively new up-and-coming high performance anti-aging ingredients for the skin. Everyone has a busy schedule and little time off to have intense invasive treatments or toxic injections. Doctors would say, in addition to treatments and injections, you would need to use a highly nutritional, peptide and bio-active skincare products to improve the results and maintain your treatments and injections longer.

Skin 2 Skin’s products improve skin appearance with out invasive treatments and can be part of your daily routine.  The science behind ur products proves it! The peptides we use are extremely effective, with low to no side effects. Compared to other anti-aging ingredients with side effects like irritation, redness, dryness, swelling, and sensitivity, Skin 2 Skin’s use of peptides ensures such side effects are nonexistent. Peptides are short chains of amino acids found in protein fragments, and are communicators acting as catalysts that prevent the accelerated skin aging for healthier, smoother, younger, and luminous skin appearance.

Other types of peptides create different reactions. This includes reducing the appearance of discoloration, expression and lip lings. Hydration is increased while volume is improved, and peptides prevent fine lines and deep wrinkles as well as sagging and sluggish skin.

There are four types of peptides. Skin 2 Skin uses different combinations of peptides, at maximum concentrations depending on what the product was designed to address. Our products are designed to be ultra-effective in keeping and crating healthy,  youthful, and luminous skin.

Four Types of Peptides:

  1. Signal peptides act as skin cell messengers, encouraging skin cells to do things like more collagen, or produce more elastin, improving the skin’s volume, hydration and sagginess, or other proteins your skin needs, therefore limiting the appearance of aging skin.
  2. Carrier peptides enhance the delivery of trace elements, like copper and magnesium, to the skin. The trace elements boost collagen, improves elasticity and help skin renew faster.
  3. Neurotransmitter peptides they help inhibit muscle contraction. If your muscles are calmer, wrinkles are less apparent and harder to form. They are best used to help reduce the appearance of expression lines, crow’s-feet, forehead, between brows, and lip lines. They do not work on wrinkles caused by sun exposure, pollution, smocking, etc.
  4. Enzyme peptides inhibit the process of collagen break down so the skin does not age as quickly and skin discoloration. By blocking a group of enzymes that degrades collagen and causes skin discoloration including dark spots.

Peptides Need Support:

As special as peptides are, they need the right supporting ingredients to help address all the needs of the skin. Any skincare formula must include the specialized ingredients we talk about, such as antioxidants, skin-replenishing nutrients that include vitamins, proteins, minerals, skin-soothing ingredients, hydra-tors and moisturizers, and skin-restoring-ingredients (witch includes peptides other plant active ingredients). Peptides can do a lot on their own, but they can’t do it all alone they need the support of other natural ingredients to create the complex formulations that work long term.

Skin 2 Skin has revolutionized  the skincare market by finding the perfect balance between science and nature.

Peptides Working In Our Products:

  • Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3) – Neurotransmitter Peptide designed to smooth expression lines and wrinkles of the forehead, brow, crow’s-feet and lip lines.
  • B-WHITE (Oligopeptide-68) – Enzyme peptide skin lightener inhibits the appearance of discoloration, age/dark spots,  lightens and prevents the dulling of aging skin, balances skin tone, for all skin types including Black and Asian.
  • ChroNoLine (Caprooyl-Tetrapeptide-3) – Signal peptide  preventives and reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines after 28 days. Providing a continuous ling term reduction fo fine lines and wrinkles in mature skin, rejuvenates aging skin making the skin smoother, firmer, more even for a younger rested look. When used in eye products, as we do it rejuvenates the eye area for smoother and firmer eyes.
  • Matrixyl 3000 (2 peptides Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7) – Signal peptide complex able to restore the appearance of much smoother toned skin. Can look up to 2 years younger with 1 month of use and 6 years after 2 months of continued use twice a day.
  • Progeline (Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2) – Signal peptide / 3 amino acids gives a more lifted and firming appearance reducing slackness and sagging skin to the face, neck and jowl line for an improved younger looking facial contour.
  • Snap-8 (Acetyl Octapeptide-3) – Neurotransmitter peptide the sister peptide to Argireline, and more potent used together in our Un-Wrinkle Forehead & Crow’s-Feet cream. When combined with Argireline expression lines and deep wrinkles to the forehead, crow’s-feet, between the eye brows (L lines) and lip lines can be reduced up to 30 to 62%. Can help prevent future and worsening of current expression lines. Maximum results depends on dedication of using it twice a day.
  • Syn-Coll (Palimitoy Tripeptide-5) – Signal peptide triple amino acid that actively removes the appearance of any type of wrinkles including lip and nasal lines, improving facial contour with firmer skin diminishing the appearance of sagging skin and improved skin moisture.
  • Syn-Tacks (Palmitoyl Dipeptide-6, Diaminohydoxy Butyrate) – Potent signal peptide improves the appearance of the facial and neck structural  integrity of the skin, nourishing the epidermis, tighter, firmer, lifting sagging skin, and improving facial contour.

Plant Stem Cells:

  • Green Tea Stem Cell Extract – Called “The Fountain of Youth Stem Cell” improves the appearance of the epidermis (top layer) endurance, improving its vitality, averts signs of environment damage, and a potent anti-wrinkle ingredient.

Skin 2 Skin Complexes:

  • S2S Essential Skin Nutrient Complex – supplying the skin with over 200 essential nutritional elements as a topical nutritional skin supplement, essential to keeping skin looking healthy and youthful at every age. Includes S2S Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Juice, S2S Bio-Active Extract Complex and Vitamins.
  • S2S Bio-Active Extract Complex – Contains 19 essential extracts in stopping the appearance of un-healthy accelerated skin aging. Our complex supplies multiple vitamins, fatty acids – omegas, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, toners, skin tightening, firming and brightening, hydrators, moisturizers, scar reduction, reducing dryness, controlling breakouts, soothing dry itchy sensitive skin, skin purifying, pigment restoration, environment damage control, and renewing and conditioning the skin.
  • Extracts of: White Tea, Green Tea, Blackberry Fruit, Pomegranate, Ginger Root, Gingko Biloba Leaf, Aloe Vera Leaf, Cucumber Fruit, Cranberry Fruit, Crithmum Maritimum, Honeysuckle Flower, Licorice Root, Rosa Canina Fruit, Red Clove, Grapefruit, Apple Fruit, Borago Officinalis, Carrot, Centella Asiatica
  • S2S Proprietary White Tea Fragrance Blend – Oils of White Tea, Neroli, Jasmine, Orange Spearmint, Lemon and Borgamont

Other Key Ingredients:

  • Aldvine 5X, Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract (and) Asparagopsis Armata Extract – High performance plant active born from Red Algae and Brown Algae decreasing the intensity of dark circles, brightens skin, and improves eye contour. Combined with Lanachrys in our eye gel they work together to reduces eye puffiness and crates eye radiance.
  • Allantion – A natural soothing, sensitive skin anti-irritant and protector, improving water retention and skin smoothness, and reducing the appearance of scars.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – Powerful universal anti-oxidant also helps control puffy irritated skin, improves skin texture, helps remove aging skin blemishes, brightens and excellent in erasing fine lines.
  • Arnica Montana Flower Extract – Plant active quickly reduces puffins on contact, soothes and renews the skin. Used in our Revitalizing Eye Gel at maximum concentration.
  • Avocado Oil – Absorbs quickly into the skin reducing wrinkles, softens the skin, treats blemishes, skin nutrition,  and a powerful anti-oxidant rich in Vitamins B2, D, A, E & K.
  • Camellia Oleifera Extract (Japanese Green Tea) – Anti-Oxidant, hydrates the skin, also helps reduce skin irritation and redness.
  • Elix-IR, Polygonurm Aviculare (Knotgrass) Extract – Award winning ingredient that inhibits the appearance of heat (infrared) aging of the skin
  • EUK-134 (Ethylbisiminomethlguaiacol Mangaese Chloride) – A complete super-oxide anti-oxidant efficient in fighting against short and long term aging of the skin and discoloration
  • Exo-T, Vibrio Alginolyticus Ferment Filtrate – Natural alternative to Retinol with higher exfoliation activate of the skin without the Retinol side effects vital to correcting discoloration, age/dark spots, and helping to keep a younger heather appearance.


  • Gatuline® Derma Sensitive, Caparis Spinosa Fruit Extract – Caper Bud Extract ends the appearance of skin redness, calms and soothes sensitive skin restoring a calmness and normalcy, and inhibiting epidermal swelling and accelerated skin aging.
  • Glycolic Acid – A natural derived Alpha-Hydroxy Acid found in sugar cane. Studies have shown Glycolic Acid, as an exfoliant that encourages collagen renewal, increases cell turnover and help brighten skin tone.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate – Increases skin hydration by improving the skins water retention within.
  • Jojoba Beads (Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil) –  A natural round bead that will not abrade the delicate skin tissue, helps in the exfoliation for the skin.
  • Kaolin Refined Clay – Purge the skin and pores of impurities, grime, pollution, reducing blackouts, refines the skin, pore refining minimize size, tightening and toning, and a more radiant complexion.
  • Kinetin – Evens out the appearance of skin discoloration, improving hydration, anti-oxidant, reduces skin roughness, fine lines and redness.
  • Lactic Acid – Provides excellent moisture, while refreshing skin texture and brightening skin tone.
  • Lanablue -Blue-Green Algae ExtractRetinoid Acid (Vitamin A) alternative without the redness, irritation, dry skin, sun sensitivity speeds up natural exfoliation of dead skin, smoothing and intensifying the epidermis, and wrinkle reduction
  • Lanchrys -Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract – From the golden petals of the Chryanthells in Africa which stimulates the appearance of fast reduction of under eye bags and puffiness far better long lasting results than caffeine.
  • Licorice Root Extract – Dissipates the appearance of discoloration and dark (age) spots
  • Oryza Sativa (Rice) Brand Oil – Anti-Oxidant high in Vitamin E protecting dry and chapping skin, rich in fatty acids, reducing the appearance of swollen / puffy skin, protects skin barrier, and moisturizing
  • Osilift, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract – Immediate elevating lifting and tightening effect on the appearance of the skin and eyes and a long term wrinkle reducer.
  • Papain Carbomer Conjugate – A special active enzyme linked papain from the papaya fruit. Papain is very effective in skin renewal and skin lightening. It also functions as an exfoliate, skin softener and moisturizer and helps fight acne. What’s more, the enzyme helps the body combat free radicals, thus preventing premature ageing. This papin stays active in a creme based product unlike the powder versions on the market.
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract – Clarifies the skin, astringent, essential in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, smooths lines and wrinkles, improving skin vitality and tone.
  • Salicylic Acid – A naturally derived Beta-Hydroxy Acid found in Willow Bark Extract. It encourages surface renewal as our skin was when we were younger, brightens skin tone, helps control blemishes, and  a smoother skin texture.
  • Rosa Moschata (Rose Hip) Seed Oil – Good Oil for day sensitive skin that is quickly absorbed leaving no residue improving skin moisture and sensitivity and reduces wrinkles.
  • Shea Butter, Butyrospermum Parkil – Contains essential vitamins A, E & F for healthy skin, evens skin tone, returns luster to the skin, moisturizes and maintains skin moisture, protects the skin barrier, restores firmness, keeping skin clear and smooth, and soothes skin irritation.
  • SuperOx-C, Terminalin Ferdinandian Fruit Extract (Vitamin C) – Extracted from the Kakadu Plum identified as a supper fruit anti-oxidant with the highest Vitamin C and polyphenols contend than any other fruit, 100 times more than a signal orange.  Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fights and protect she skin against oxidative stress, boosts skin radiance and luminosity, Improves skin tone evenness with an overall brightening effect.
  • Tapioca Starch – Detoxifies the skin, tightens, improves skin tone, clearer and cleaner complexion, and brightens the skin
  • Vitamin B6 – Anti-Oxidant and skin lightener
  • Vitamin E, Tocopheryl Acetate – shelf stable and better anti-oxidant penetration
  • Vitamin Note: Skin 2 Skin Natural Skincare contains multiple vitamins within Skin 2 Skin’s Plant Complexes and Fragrance  benefiting the skin they include; A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, and K.