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Skin 2 Skin Skincare Founders

Ken Simpson CEO


Ken Simpson
Chief Formulator, Cofounder & CEO

Ken Simpson has over 39 years of experience in conceptualizing, developing and marketing skincare products for some of the world’s most renowned retail companies and upscale destination spas.

Michael McCoy President

michael132x191Michael McCoy
Cofounder, President & Chief Operations Officer

When Skin 2 Skin™ Care creator, Ken Simpson, needed to find the right person as the President and Chief Operating Officer of his company he tapped former long-time business partner, Michael McCoy.


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Ken Simpson’s Skin 2 Skin, Natural Skincare Vision

When I set out to heal my own skin after intense radiation treatments for a brain tumor I was inspired by the healing power of plants that contain the essential nutritional substances that the skin must have for healthy cell life and beautiful youthful skin. The infusion of high concentrations of smart plant actives, plant stem cells and bio-peptides was imperative in the process to renew my own skin so a must in the Skin 2 Skin, Natural Skincare portfolio. It was required also that products be multi-functional and synergistic working in perfect harmony with skin, body and other products. Skin 2 Skin, plant powered Natural Skincare was born January 2009 and six months later we received our first 2 “Best in Class Awards” for our Photoaging Repair Cream and Oatmeal & Pomegranate Face Scrub.

I am committed to never stop striving to improve and renew Skin 2 Skin Natural Skincare. It is my passion to provide you with best multi-functional natural anti-aging skin care products that are proven effective and based on the healing and rejuvenating power of plants with the necessary science to allow you to look and feel your best every day. I made it my mission to show people that healthy youthful skin is timeless and provide you with the products that would make your skin naturally beautiful, healthy and youthful at any age.

With Skin 2 Skin, Natural Skincare, you can expect the best that science and nature have to offer for prevention, reversing the signs of aging, repair damaged skin, and renew the appearance of your skin. The result will be Happy Healthy Youthful Skin without any of the harmful ingredients that can compromise your health.

Beauty from the heart,

Chief Formulator, Cofounder, CEO
Skin 2 Skin, Natural Skincare Experts