BFL Bottle Big Full Lashes Serum 4ml

Longer and Fuller Lashes

“My lashes are growing. I know this because I can see it. Two weeks ago, before using BFL, I couldn’t see my lashes after washing my face. Now, they are visible, dark, and longer. Two weeks ago, it took 3 coats of mascara and eyeliner to make my eyes more pronounced. Now, one coat, and no eyeliner. There is a visible difference. As a brand influencer I have worked with almost every North American and European manufacturer of eyelash conditioners’ on the market. Two made my eyes puffy, itchy and red. One after they were longer, and glorious made them fall out and I was back to square one, worse – no lashes. Others did little, so called “actives” were diluted, and not enough potency so after weeks I didn’t see any difference. BFL (Big Fuller Lashes) with it’s natural ingredients is comfortable. No redness, no itching, no puffiness, no irritation. Simply natural, simply effective, simply noticeable. Longer, Fuller, Denser, Darker, Curvier – simply awesome. Kudos to the company.” Chris P. – Canada Brand Influencer and more

BFL - Big Full Lashes Women Skin2Skin