Superstar Ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate More Effective Than Hyaluronic Acid

Skin 2 Skin - Superstar Ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate

Hyaluronic Acid a sodium salt is one of the most popular ingredients in skin care today. Offering powerful absorption, elasticity, collagen and hydration properties in the prevention of aging skin. Less known is Sodium Hyaluronate is synthesized salt form of hyaluronic acid. Sodium Hyaluronate is water-soluble, holds 1,000 x its weight in water, and has a smaller molecule structure allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin. Hyaluronic Acid cannot be absorbed or penetrate the skin because the molecule structure is to big. It’s like trying to get an exercise ball through the eye of a needle.

Sodium Hyaluronate:

  • Is water-soluble, holds 1,000 x its weight in water with smaller molecules allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin for better hydration.
  • Facilitates the absorption of other cosmeceutical and bioceutical ingredients, functioning like a nanocarrier.
  • Improves skin firmness, smoothing wrinkles, hydrates and moisturizes deep within the skin reducing water loss to the skin.
  • Approved by the FDA as an injectable, reducing wrinkles on the face and plumping lips as a derma-filler.
  • More stable, longer effectiveness than hyaluronic acid that is susceptible to damage from oxidation.
  • Safe to use without irritation for most skin types.

Skin Benefits of Sodium Hyaluronate:

  • Improves firmness of the skin
    • When applied directly to the skin, its water-binding and smaller molecule properties allow it to penetrate deeper into the skin between connective tissues for better absorption and retention of moisture. The skin looks and fills firmer to the touch, skin texture is smoother and has a more youthful hydrated complexion. 
  • Smooths Wrinkles and Fine Lines
    • As the skin ages it becomes dryer and lines and wrinkles are more apparent. With better hydration penetration into the skin it becomes more hydrated, moisturized and plumper. This reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, and with deeper moisturization it helps prevent future lines and wrinkles from developing.
  • Dry Skin Hydration
    • It’s ability to hold 1000 x it’s weight in water and being able to be absorbed and penetrate deeper into the skin between connective tissue unlike Hyaluronic Acid. Makes it more effective in dry skin hydration recovery. Improving dry skin’s appearance 1000 x for a more healthy younger hydrated appearance.
  • Acne Benefits to Sodium Hyaluronate
    • Sodium Hyaluronate is gentle offering hydration without irritation and it’s also a non-comedogenic. What that means is that it significantly hydrates and moisturizes without clogging pores or causing additional breakouts.
    • With better skin hydration and moisturized skin, it helps prevent breakouts. Because when the skin is too dry or over dried by acne products, it can overproduce oil to rectify the problem, resulting in more topical oil and more breakouts.
    • If you are prone to excessive breakouts always consult your dermatologist.

Because Sodium Hyaluronate is more beneficial in protecting and improving the skin’s hydration, preventing and rejuvenating aging skin than  hyaluronic acid Skin 2 Skin® formulates with it in all our treatment creams. They include: Aging Intervention & Prevention, 24/7 Rejuvenation™, Recovery Night & Dry Skin ( Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery), and the Botox alternative Un-Wrinkle Forehead & Crow’s-Feet.

About Skin 2 Skin, Healthy Skin:

Skin2Skin® healthy skin products: A full range of scientific anti-aging clean skincare products, certified vegan and cruelty free are formulated using pure, natural ingredients infused with cutting edge high performing peptides (peptide technology), stem cells, bio-actives, conditioners, moisturizers and hydrators, with essential skin nutrition, and vitamins giving your skin a healthy, youthful appearance as part of our “Healthy Skin” wellness philosophy. We recognize the connectivity and balance between our skin, the external environment, personal health and nutrition, lifestyle choices, natural aging and other factors affecting our ability to keep our skin appearing healthy and vibrant regardless of age, gender or skin type. Skin 2 Skin is unlike anything you have ever tried before, working as a catalyst on your skin from the deepest layers to reveal a more healthy, younger looking skin in no time.

By Kenneth Simpson, Skin 2 Skin CEO, Chief Formulator & Co-Fonder

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