Spa Question

We have a client that has really bad breakouts. We are wondering if the Skin 2 Skin Care natural anti-aging skincare would work for getting rid or easing the breakouts?

She loves the idea that it’s natural skincare, but she wants to be sure that it will significantly diminish her breakouts.

Breakouts is thought to be initiated by the effect of masculinising hormones called “androgens” on oil glands that, during puberty, enlarge and become increasingly sensitive. This results in excessive oil secretion and blockage of pores, which leads to the initial non‐inflamed spots of acne (whiteheads and blackheads). As the breakouts bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) proliferate, the oil‐rich environment in the pores leads to inflammation which becomes visibly apparent as red pimples, pustules and lumps. It can also be caused by improper and or lack of cleansing the face twice a day, going to bed with makeup on which will cause bacteria to grow cashing breakouts.

Yes Skin 2 Skin Care can help control acne but we also need your client to do their part.

Client needs to – lifestyle changes that can help minimize symptoms, reduce inflammation, and maintain normal bodily functions. If you change your lifestyle, water consumption and eating habits, and therefore reduce your stress level, they well be even happier.

Drink water with lemon (Lemon helps balance the PH of the body making it more alkaline)– no cokes or sugar or sugar free drinks including fruit drinks. Adult breakouts are sometimes a by‐product of stress and/or dehydration. Water and being calm trying to avoid the “body’s stress alarm system” causing inflammation. The most important element of breakout treatment is to keep the skin (body) hydrated. Water is a most important breakout treatment in that it is alkaline (pH 7.3) and can be considered a natural acne treatment. But the skin is more acid than the body which helps combat growth of bacteria on the surface. This is why a perfectly pH balanced skincare line is important like Skin 2 Skin.

Do not use Astringents – they cause stripping of the skins natural oils. In turn cases the skin to overproduce natural oils to compensate for the lack of the skins natural oils.

Avoid Stimulants, like coffee and black caffeine teas (one to two cups a day are OK), cigarettes, desserts if it stimulants the body, brain and nervous system can cause the excessive secretion of your natural oils.

Eat foods as low in fat as possible. Fatty foods, red meat, pork and chicken are high acidic and disrupt the natural pH balance of your body. You can offset acids with alkaline foods, primarily fresh fruits and vegetables. See alkaline diet at http://www.rosacea‐

Alcohol ‐ alcohol inhibits sleep, causing more fatigue and stress, which lead to worse breakouts, dehydration and aging skin. Fermented alcohols are more acidic than distilled drinks, so especially avoid wine and beer. If you do consume Alcohol it is best not to consume more than one, two and three at most in a week.

Cleansing ‐ avoid hot baths as well as very cold water on areas where you have breakouts. Use warm water  98.5 degrees (body temperature) on your skin. Heavy scrubbing and abrasives should be avoided, they irritate your skin and interferes with the body’s natural barrier against breakout‐causing bacteria. A creamy cleansing scrub liken Skin 2 Skin’s Oatmeal & Pomegranate Face Scrub is the best to help open the pores. Also, don’t spend too much time in the bath or shower, this can dehydrate your skin. Use a botanical hydrating deep cleanser that does not strip the skin of its natural oils but removes dirt and naturally kills bacteria (avoid bacteria sops because the bacteria becomes immune to the anti‐bacteria soap) as our White Tea Face Wash does.

At the first sign of a breakout use Neosporin Cream on the infected area (red spot) to help eliminate the breakout bacteria, if it’s an infection of the pore. Massage the cream into the skin for best results.

Avoid the sun – use mineral SPF 30 not chemical that can cause irritation and swelling and no sunning. The UV rays will worsen breakouts not eliminate them.

What products from Skin 2 Skin Care is best for controlling breakouts:

White Tea Anti‐Aging Face Wash – twice a day – morning and night ‐ keeping the face clean is one of the most important things in controlling acne and preventing aging of the skin.

White Tea Anti‐Aging Mask – two to three times a week – removed dirt and impurities but leaves natural oils intact.

Oatmeal & Pomegranate Face Scrub – once to twice a week use a light circular motion do not press hard on the skin. No need to wash before or after because it is also a cleanser.

The Revitalizing Eye Gel it is not heavy like a cream

Aging Intervention Cream for day and night– anti-swelling of the skin very important in controlling breakouts and the damage it can do, 33 anti‐oxidants, hydrates and moisturizes the skin also important, helps control breakouts.