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Two Bunch Palms Selects Skin 2 Skin®, Smart Anti-Aging® to Develop Mineral Water Spa Product Line

Palm Springs, CA – October 2014
– Skin 2 Skin® a leader in Natural, Healthy Plant Powered Smart Anti-Aging® is proud to announce the partnership with Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort to develop their Mineral Water Spa product line with the release of their first product this month the “Mineral Mist” made with Two Bunch Palms’ legendary healing mineral spring water.

Two Bunch Palms is a celebrated destination Wellness Spa Resort in the Greater Palm Springs area in California. Two Bunch Palms recently underwent a major renovation and rebranding, with initiatives designed to reinforce its brand ethos about individual and planetary health. The installation of a solar farm will establish the property as the first carbon neutral spa resort in North America. The award-winning Spa at Two Bunch Palms is focused on providing its guests with the therapeutic treatments utilizing naturally-sourced and organic products, free of toxins and known carcinogen. Skin 2 Skin Care shares the same philosophy as Two Bunch Palms; products that are plant powered, safe, healthy, with maximum effectiveness and sustainable.

The” Mineral Mist” is the first product that Skin 2 Skin has developed for Two Bunch Palms. Following the release of the “Mineral Mist” will be Two Bunch Palms “Mineral Clay Mask”, and other Mineral Water Spa products that will include cleanser, eye serum and moisturizer.

“Two Bunch Palms pure natural artesian mineral waters is unique to our location with healing benefits that guests travel from all over the world to experience. Now our guests will be able to take home that experience with our first Two Bunch Palms mineral water spa product, the Mineral Mist.” Rianna Riego, Corporate Director of Brand & Communication

“I created Two Bunch Palms “Mineral Mist” to be a multi-tasking product for the face and body”, Ken Simpson, Skin 2 Skin, Chief Formulator, Co-Founder and CEO said. “We used high concentration of Two Bunch Palms Mineral Springs Water achieving maximum mineral water benefits with natural ingredients. The “Mineral Mist” softens the skin; reducing flaking caused by dryness, increasing the skin’s hydration and elasticity. It also controls acne bacteria and inflammation, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The Two Bunch Palms “Mineral Mist” is excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin. The customized natural aromatherapy scent is uplifting and captivating with, White Tea, Neroli, Spearmint, Orange, Jasmine and Borgamont. Skin 2 Skin 10 Free NO toxins, known carcinogens and animal ingredients.”

About Skin 2 Skin® care:

Skin 2 Skin® Plant Powered Smart Anti-Aging® is a of balance of Natural and Plant Based Active Cosmecuticals at the highest concentration that will change the appearance of your skin starting with the first application with continual improvement each day, month and year. Healthy Glowing Ageless Skin, Skin 2 Skin® Smart Anti-Aging®

Ken Simpson with over 30 years experience from Neiman Marcus, 5th Avenue to a mega star in Plant Powered Smart Anti-Aging. Ken created Skin 2 Skin not just to heal his own skin after radiation treatments for a brain tumor but to change the conception that plant powered natural healthy products can change the skin’s appearance, emerging healthy ageless skin. Ken has created the only skin care line that beauty experts call “Skin 2 Skin, Beauty from the Heart”.

Skin 2 Skin™ 10 Free: NO Sulfates, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance, Colors or Dyes, Polymers, Petrochemicals, Nano Technology, Toxins or Known Carcinogens, and Animal Ingredients

Skin 2 Skin™ Care is the first skincare company to receive the protégé’s Best Vegan Beauty 2014 Award from Vegan Health & Fitness making it the 20th award in 5 years.

Skin 2 Skin® Care is made in the USA and PETA Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan

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