“We are Tucson’s first and only walk-in Botox and dermal filler bar. We specialize in injectable cosmetic treatments. Equally important to replacing lost volume and addressing expression lines is addressing the health of the skin. We care about the total package and having healthy, glowing skin is crucial to looking ageless. We are looking for a skin care line that was environmentally and socially responsible but that delivered powerful results. Products that benefit every skin type and condition without causing irritation or unnecessary side effects … we found Skin 2 Skin® a truly effective skin care line that makes your skin healthy, glowing and look years younger! Not only do we want our clients to experience the benefits of your power packed peptides, we must believe and know the product is the best before recommending a skin care line that is cruelty-free and Plant Powered™.” Kati O’Brien, Owner and Operator, Skinjectables Anti-Aging Bare