We have all seen pictures of river and lake beds that have dried up due to a lack of rain and water supply  to the area.  The ground is a spider web pattern of cracks in the dry clay soil because lack of moisture  makes the ground separate and the ruts become deeper and deeper as more water evaporates from the  surface.  Water is critical and vital for human existence, we can live 20 days without food but we can  only live 4 days without water.

H2O plays an integral part in our human chemistry and anatomy and as a matter of fact about males are 60% water, females are 55% water on average of our body weight is water.  A drought or an absence of water can wreak havoc on our earth and our  bodies devoid of moisture can create havoc on skin and complexion.  Drinking an insufficient  amount of water can bring about drought conditions for our skin and can be highly problematic in a  myriad of ways.  Foremost, dehydration can make you look older, think of the lake bed as a mega  magnified close up of your face and the surface becoming more and more prone to these “rut s” or  wrinkles, as our moisture level decreases.

From a cosmetic standpoint, dehydration can render many skin care products as effective as they can be. Without enough water in the body, it will leave skin care  products without the ability to be totally beneficial. All of this because of the foundation that good hydration set up is necessary for the skin care product to do its  job effectively.

How well your skin care products work is really up to you.   Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day  creates the optimum condition for your skin products to work effectively.  Staying away from sugary  and diet soda, coffee and juice and keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum are all great habits to have to keep  dehydration at bay.   A perfect complement to a strict hydration routine is a skin care regimen using the  Anti‐Wrinkle Night Recovery by Skin 2 Skin® for dry and sensitive skin.  The silky, ultra‐hydrating skin cream is formulated with  advanced anti-aging peptide technology including WildPlum Harvest (Kakadu Plum, Illawarra Plum and Burdekin Plum) ultra-hydration increasing the skins hydration 60% in 30 minutes and 128% after 30 days, high concentration of Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid.  The Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery  will do its part as a day and night anti-aging moisturizer or just at night while you peacefully slumber as long as you do your  part while you are awake and keep that body fully hydrated.

A lot more goes into a person’s skin care product’s effectiveness than just drinking water.  An effective  outcome may also be dependent on a person’s diligence with sticking to the Skin 2 Skin® skincare  regimen, your genetics, and limiting the amount of exposure to the harmful Sun that will cause aging of the skin which are your wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots and early signs of aging.  For the most  part, keeping your body hydrated is an easy task that everyone can do to start everything off the best way possible.  No,  dehydration will not make you older as implied by the article title, but it will make your skin look older. So come on everyone,  fill up that glass with water, throw a sliced cucumber, lemon or orange in there to spice it up if you don’t like plain water and let’s all toast to healthy younger looking skin.
by Kenneth Simpson, Skin 2 Skin® Natural Anti-Aging Skincare