I have been in the beauty business since I was 15 years old. I have worked for many cosmetic companies. I learned how important good cleansing is at a young age. I was the only one in school growing up that did not have a break out.

When you change from one product to another sometimes, more often than not you will have a break out. Not with Skin 2 Skin! I had been using beauty products from well known, one of the worlds largest direct to consumer International Skin and Body Care and Color Beauty Company. This company came out with anti aging products; I had consistent break outs for about 3 weeks. Out of curiosity a friend got on the computer and had me read about this company called Skin 2 Skin Care and guess what I tried the products and NO BREAK OUTS! I would like to talk a little about some of the Skin 2 Skin products that they have to offer and I use.

White Tea Face Wash and it’s not just for the face! When using cleansing products you normally have to buy several different products. You need one for washing the face and another for removing the eye makeup and then yet another freshener to take off the excess makeup that all of these removers did not remove or clean the skin. With Skin 2 Skin you only need ONE the White Tea Face Wash! YES it does remove even the waterproof mascara! And your face is clean! Now let’s take the White Tea Face Wash into the shower. Other companies have a shower gel for you to buy and claim that your legs will be smooth and of course “NOT”. My legs are the smoothest I have ever had and I use it to shave my legs!

Let’s talk about eyes. You only need one product Revitalizing Eye Gel! Revitalizing Eye Gel takes care of all your needs. The lines under your eyes and the crow’s feet lines that none of us want to talk about and you also apply the Revitalizing Eye Gel on you eye lids and between the eye brow area. Then you apply your eye makeup, it stays in place and your eyes look fabulous! Dark circles? Not anymore!

Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum, talk about soft skin, lift and tighten, and wrinkles are gone! Oh Give Me A Bucket of This! It’s not just for this face! I used this for not just my face and neck. I used this on my chest and torso too! I have spoken with the founder Ken Simpson; yes he talks to you and cares, he told me that I am not the only request on a bucket size. They are working on it!

Aging Intervention Cream, Smooth, Silky Smooth! When you apply some moisturizers they fell sticky, heavy or well I put it on. Not with this one! Once you apply your Aging Intervention Cream you’re not only feel smoother but silky too. I have never felt silky smooth before!

When working for the other beauty companies you are taught to get your make up on in a very few minutes. For the simple reason if you can get your make up on quickly you can help your customers quicker with there’s. I have never used products like Skin 2 Skin Care before. I now get my makeup on in half the time it used to take me. Let’s face it we all want to spend a few more minutes in bed and have that extra cup of coffee in the morning. With Skin 2 Skin I get to do that!

Thank you Skin 2 Skin you have made all of my beauty dreams come true and without a surgeon! – Jennifer, IL