Skin 2 Skin Revitalizing Eye Serum is a solution for: crow’s feet, brightens dark circles and over all eye area, dry skin, fine lines, sagging skin, puffy eyes and bags

Reviewed by: Marta Wohrle, Truth In Aging Founder

This high performance, natural gel does it all, quickly revitalizing eyes and delivering a more youthful look with continued use.

Skin 2 Skin is a skin care company that has disciplined focus on natural plant extracts with some cutting edge versions that tackle specific issues, as well as heavy hitting peptides. Revitalizing Serum Gel is a very good example of Skin 2 Skin’s philosophy and turns out to be a very good eye serum. It’s so good, in fact, that I’ll defer my nerdy tendencies to swoop straight into a description of the actives and talk about my results.

This eye serum is a light weight gel, making it a good choice for anyone that has a tendency to milla. Within days, I fancied that the skin under and around my eyes was looking a little brighter. Within a couple of weeks of using it morning and evening. I was seeing a definite smoothing and lifting of the lids. At 30 days in, I am delighted with the results, especially in the context of the price point.

All in all, this is a formula that takes being natural very seriously, but doesn’t simply rest on those laurels. Skin 2 Skin ensures it meets the needs of the effective eye serum to address the challenges of dryness, sagging, puffy eyes and wrinkles around the delicate area – a great find!

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