How Sugar Can Damage Skin

Sugar! How we enjoy the sweet taste from sweet tea, sodas, donuts, cakes to “a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down”.


The new FDA’s sugar recommendations is 50 grams, or about one can of coke, roughly 10% of your daily recommended calories. Did this just put a cramp in the number of multiple candy bars, cocktails, soft drinks and other cravings for sugar that you can consume on daily, weekly or monthly bases?

Now that I just deflated your sugar high there are healthy alternatives like grabbing an apple, orange, or hand full of raisins as an alternative not that sweet candy bar, doughnut or 5 o’clock cocktails every day. Your waistline reaps the benefits of less sugary intake your body will also be thanking you for controlling your sweet cravings.

advanced-glycation-woman     wrinkle-face

We know that sugar (white, raw, brown, organic all the same) can case the appearance of accelerated advanced premature skin aging affecting how you appear to others and feel about yourself. Compromising your complexion and overall youthful appearance is never a good look.