Brace Yourself For the Healthiest Skin Experience of Your Life

Our Choice for Best Vegan Beauty Product is … Skin 2 Skin® Natural Anti-Aging Skincare

Skin 2 Skin Care the Healthiest Youthful Skin Experience

Do you want to give your skin the royal treatment, and protect it from the harm caused by aging and the environment?

If the answer is yes, you need a comprehensive approach that targets a wide range of issues that cause damage (skin aging).

This amazing starter set package is the perfect solution. It hits every single area you need to look and feel younger, more vibrant, and keep your skin soft, supple, smooth, pure, and wrinkle-free.

Skin 2 Skin® is no ordinary skincare company. They are the gold standard of products that are natural and pure skincare, with zero additives, chemicals, or any unnatural ingredients. In fact, Vegan Health & Fitness magazine awarded Skin 2 Skin® with the “Best Vegan Beauty Product” Award.

What we love abut Skin 2 Skin:

We cannot talk about Skin 2 Skin without talking about the one who started it all. You will learn to appreciate this company more once you read about the life of its founder Kenneth Simpson. It was in the year 2005 that Kenneth received the news that would change his life forever. He had brain tumor. The prescribed radiation treatments that followed was successful in removing the tumor but it also damaged his skin and aged it prematurely. Kenneth then searched for skincare products that would restore his skin. But he couldn’t find any brand in the market that is gentle yet effective, natural yet ethical.

This led him to develop Skin 2 Skin. A skin care brand that is totally focused on aging repair and prevention. Now, when you see Kenneth, you will not even think that his skin got damaged from radiation. The founder is the best endorser of his brand. He is walking advertisement delivering so much truth.

Kenneth’s personal experience has also enabled him to connect with his customers more, especially those who have also faced serious health challenges like he did. He gets a kick out of interacting with them personally, he even picks up the phone. In his bio, Ken shares that different people have approached him about his products: how it has given them confidence to go on a fob interview or on a date, to the point of sending him selfies as their way of personally thanking him. Kenneth’s warm, personalized approach towards his customers is what sets this company apart. His philosophy is that “Healthy skin is a psychologically life changing as it is physically beneficial.”

Born out of personal necessity but now with a vision to transform skincare forever, Skin 2 Skin represents the future of anti-aging skincare while remaining natural and free from harsh nasty chemicals and toxins. The company is certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Because of their disciplined focus on natural plant extracts, the company also got the much-coveted Best Vegan Beauty Product Award given by the Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine.