Free radicals are highly reactive and aggressive molecules that can start a skin damaging chain reaction, causing major skin aging and damage. To help prevent free radical damage the skin has a defense system of anti-oxidants.

An effective skin care product needs a number of different anti-oxidants in its formulation for it to be effective. This includes multiple botanical extracts, like White and Green Tea, Pomegranate, Multi Vitamins, to fight the free radicals from different directions witch includes UV rays to environmental pollution.

One of the most amazing catalytic antioxidant known as Eukarion-134, EUK-134, a highly purified molecule, biomimetic of two natural skin enzymes: superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase, mimics their activities. EUK-134 is the most innovative multifunctional and powerful antioxidant which scavenges free radicals such as superoxide anions and other pro-oxidant molecules and eliminates hydrogen peroxide and transforms ROS into water & oxygen. How does this benefit at any age? EKU-134 protects the skin against toxic compounds, reducing redness and protects skin against environmental & UV aging leading to premature photoaging.

We use EKU-134 in our Recovery Night & Dry Skin as a daily moisturizer or night cream. Eliminate oxidative environmental stress on the skin, reduce dry flaky skin, redness, eases over sensitive  skin and adding in preventing premature aging and sun damage to the skin.

Most people do not realize that there is a flow of damage that happens even if you remove yourself from the external assault of free radicals. This is why we use superior antioxidants like EUK-134 at maximum concentration to rescue your skin from the causes of premature skin aging.

Skin2Skin offers high-value, unique clean skin care products with extraordinary actives and other high performing ingredients to enrich the skin’s own healthy natural youthful strengths and beauty.