“I’ve been meaning to write to you for awhile. I have been down the skin care rabbit hole and I’m happy to say that I’ve found nothing that I like as well as Skin2Skin products. I’ve found that I don’t need anything else! My skin has never been healthier.

I start my days with AB-HA Exfoliating Cleanser, which leaves my skin smooth and hydrated. Any dark spots I had before have almost faded completely.

I wear contacts and often have eye strain and squint a lot – not good for wrinkles! Revitalizing Eye Gel feels so good going on – it really nourishes and revitalizes the eye area. Added bonus: the few milia I had around my eyes are now gone.

24/7 Rejuvenation Cream is my holy grail moisturizer – it makes my skin feel plumped and moisturized all day – must be all those peptides doing their thing. I love that my skin just feels like my skin (only better) – not tacky or greasy – after just a few minutes of applying. And my face isn’t shiny at the end of the day. Added bonus: the silky formula spreads easily, so I don’t have to use a lot.

In the evening I use the White Tea Face Wash to remove the day’s grime and the very little eye makeup that I wear, leaving my skin clean and hydrated. I’m sensitive to perfumes, and all of your products have such a nice, light, clean scent that doesn’t linger. Perfect!

A few times a week I use the Enzyme Renewal Mask – it’s like a mini-spa day. Seriously. This mask invigorates without being harsh, absorbs oil without drying, and leaves my skin smooth as silk.

Thank you for your products! They’re fantastic!” Camille C. N.H.