Blemishes & Breakouts

Controlling blemishes and breakouts has 3 basic steps:
1. Cleanse for one minute twice a day morning and night with White Tea Face Wash to remove and control excess surface oil and bacteria. Hand held cleaning device like a Clarisonic will exfoliate and help brake down clogged pores.
2. Exfoliate four times a week with our Oatmeal & Pomegranate Face Scrub & Cleanser to help remove dead skin and keep pores open
3. Aging Intervention Cream use twice a day morning and night after cleansing. One of the ingredients is Alpha Lipoic Acid that helps prevent breakout swelling, exfoliate the skin removing dead skin, powerful antioxidant four hundred times the property of vitamin C and E and help boost there effectiveness, and reduce the visible scars caused by blemishes. Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized can help reduce over production of natural oils.