Glycerin a Vital Ingredient for Healthy Youthful Skin

Glycerin also known as Glycerine or Glycerol is used as a lubricant and retaining or preserving moisture, obtained mainly by saponification, soap making using oils andSkin 2 Skin Natural Glycerin fats. Glycerin is an important ingredient in skin care formulations, retaining or preserving moisture in the skin is vital for it’s ability to function properly and stay healthy and looking younger. Glycerin attracts water from the environment to skin and helps skin to feel smoother, softer, and appear healthier and younger looking, especially as we age. Glycerin also works as a signal to help direct the skin through its four normal stages of maturity. In the endless cycle of skin renewal process, the youngest skin moves up from the deepest layer and switch from replicating as their main function to eventually becoming mature surface cells that spit out lipids to help form the skin’s protective barrier.

A healthy natural skin protective barrier is essential in keeping the skin healthy and younger in appearance. When the skin’s protective barrier is intact and healthy the skin is healthier and able to recover faster from environmental damage that can cause accelerated skin aging.  Glycerin helps in a more rapid renewal of the protective skin barrier from the damaging effects of harsh chemicals, peals and ex-stream and excess exfoliation of the skin. Once the protective barrier is damaged / removed it takes months for it to completely recover. We suggest limiting any major peals and ex-stream exfoliation to every 5 to 6 months, by a professional.

For years it was thought that too much Glycerin in a skincare moisturizers could pull water out of the skin instead of drawing it into the skin. It has as been miss proven by researchers showing that glycerine restores the skin to normal hydration levels, researchers.

Skin 2 Skin uses a high concentration of Glycerin in our formulation as part of our proprietary advanced Hydration Infusion Therapy System (HITS).

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