Eye Creams and Eye Serums Are An Essential Part Of An Effective Anti-Aging Regime!

Beautiful Eyes Skin 2 Skin's Revitalizing Eye Gel

By Kenneth Simpson, Skin 2 Skin®, Healthy Skin

Many find eye creams and eye serums completely unnecessary; others know the value in eye care products. The eye area is the thinnest skin you have, and it is in constant movement with blinking, environmental assault and essential needs that only eye creams and eye serums can address.

There are several factors that ages eyes including pollution, sun damage, poor sleep, general lifestyle including diet, loss of moisture, dark circles, darkening, puffiness, crow’s feet, lines, and sagging under eye and lids. The eye area will show the first signs of aging and a specialized topical product can help improve the appearance of the eyes contour, brightness, long term puffiness, hydration and increased volume reducing crow’s-feet, lines and hollowness.

Some people do not want to invest in an eye product and uses a regular moisturizer up and around their eyes. It might be enough for the moment but long term that product is not made for the eye area and it can cause the eyes to age faster, develop milia (white spots) and cause sagging. Standard moisturizers and body lotions can be to heavy causing the eyes to sag and contain ingredients that shouldn’t be used around the eyes or too high of a concentration. However, the benefits of eye creams and eye gels are that they are specifically formulated for the thinner, more sensitive skin in this area. They also contain ingredients that targets specific issues to this area, which do not concern the rest of the face.

The main difference between eye creams and gels is texture and ingredients. Eye creams tend to be thicker, heaver and richer feeling, not necessarily more  moisturizing and hydrating. Eye serums feel lighter, refreshing, cooling, hydrating, less of a chance in developing milia around the eyes and silkier than emollient eye creams. 

Both eye creams and eye serums should contain the same type of essential ingredients that all skin types need to address aging eyes: antioxidants, replenishing, restoring, revitalizing and essential nutrients. The best eye cream and eye serum products contain these ingredients in abundance, especially Skin 2 Skin’s multi-active complete Revitalizing Eye Serum.

Key ingredients should also improve the look of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, contour, texture, hydration and brighten. Eye serums are lighter and can be applied directly under the eye, crow’s-feet and eyelid, always avoid getting the product into the eye itself.  Eye Creams are best applied directly under the eye, crow’s-feet, above the eyelid and at night.

Eye Gels are wonderful morning and night they sooth, smooth, hydrate, refresh and with the right ingredients it can quickly diminish AM and PM puffiness. The light, silky gel stays in place once it’s applied and works well under makeup and last longer. Eye creams can cause concealer to crease into lines and shorten the wear time of eyeliner, mascara and eye shadows better formulate eye gels don’t cause.

As we age the eye area is more likely to be drier than your skin, even if you have oily or combination skin. Eye gels even being lighter will effectively hydrate the eyes just like a cream, keeping it soft and hydrated. If the eye area is extremely dry, consider using a combination eye gel in the morning and eye cream at night and eye creams are best used at night while you sleep.

Skin 2 Skin® Revitalizing Eye Serum is designed as a high performance all-in-one anti-aging eye treatment gel giving you beautiful younger, brighter and tighter eyes. You will experience an immediate lifting, tightening and quick puffy eye reduction with long term anti-puffiness results. This is one eye product that does it all: reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s-feet, dark circles, bags and puffy eyes, brightens eye area, improves hydration and moisture retention without heaviness, increases firmness, tightens, and lifts and improving eyelid contour. Contains high concentration of revitalizing peptide, bio-actives, antioxidants, nutrients, Arnica, Aloe Vera and Cucumber extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice that soothes, nourishes, and quickly revitalizes tired eyes. Eye makeup glides on and stays in place without caking or creasing. Skin 2 Skin’s clean beauty eye gel is without Fragrance, Fillers, Toxins, Known Irritants, Emollients and ingredients that can possibly cause milia (white bumps) around the eyes. Both women and men love this product!

About Skin 2 Skin® healthy skin products: A full range of  scientific natural anti-aging clean skin care products, certified vegan and cruelty free are formulated using pure, natural ingredients infused with cutting edge high performing peptides, stem cells, bio-actives, best moisturizer and hydrators,  essential skin nutrition, vitamins for healthy skin to give your skin a healthy, youthful appearance as part of our “Healthy Skin” wellness philosophy. We recognize the connectivity and balance between our skin, the external environment, personal health and nutrition, lifestyle choices, natural aging and other factors affecting our ability to keep our skin appearing healthy and vibrant regardless of age, gender or skin type.

“I started Skin 2 Skin out of personal necessity. As a result of intense radiation treatments to combat a brain tumor, I was left with facial damage and I created my own healthy skin products to eliminate all visible damage. It worked and Skin 2 Skin was born.” Kenneth Simpson, CEO, Co-Founder & Chief Formulator