ChroNOline the anti-wrinkle peptide is a bioemitic, natural occurring peptide tetrapeptide derived from a growth factor.

What is bioemitic peptides? Biomimetic peptides have been crafted in a lab to mimic the effects of naturally-occurring peptides within the body. By using this technology, ChronNOline is 4 amino acids linked by a lipid in preservative free glycerin resulting in optimum skin penetration and increasing the effectiveness of the peptide.

To understand the anti-aging role of ChroNOline, caproyl tetrapeptide-3, you need to know skin basics and how laminin plays a key role. Skin is composed of the epidermis and the dermis and the two are separated by the epidermal basement membrane. This membrane has an important role in maintaining the skin structure by keeping everything anchored in place.

Laminins are proteins that are the structural foundations of most cells and organs and are vital for the survival of tissue. But we are mostly interested in laminin 5. This is a glycoprotein and that plays a key role in the epidermal basement membrane. In fact, it is critical in keeping the epidermis adhered to the dermis. Japanese researchers found that by stimulating laminin 5 synthesis, the formation of the basement membrane is given a significant boost to the skin’s structure.

And this is where ChronNOline, caprooyl tetrapeptide-3 comes in. Being derived from a growth factor, namely TGF-ß helping to visibly regenerate the skin’s appearance by:

  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines by 16% in 28 days and 27% in 56 days*
  • Skin is smoother, revitalized and younger fresher look*
  • Improves texture and tone*
  • Skin structure is more resist to slacking / sagging*

ChroNOline Anti-Wrinkle Peptide

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About Skin 2 Skin

Skin 2 Skin’s line of plant-powered scientific anti-aging skin care products are formulated using pure, natural ingredients infused with cutting edge high performing peptides, stem cells, bio-actives, and essential skin nutrition to give your skin a healthy, youthful appearance as part of our “Holistic Skin Wellness™” philosophy. We recognize the connectivity and balance between our skin, the external environment, personal health and nutrition, lifestyle choices, natural aging and other factors affecting our ability to keep our skin appearing healthy and vibrant regardless of age, gender or skin type.

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 *LucasMeyer Cosmetics Clinical Efficacy Testing on individuals over 40