By Kenneth Simpson, Skin 2 Skin CEO & Creator

Milia, is also known as white bumps or milk spots, they are tiny, white or yellowish, unattractive bumps that tend to congregate under the eyes, eyelids, around the nose and around the lips. Although many people think they are whiteheads, they are keratin-filled cyste that are formed by skin cells that become trapped under the epidermis.  They can be genetic, but the majority develop as our skin ages.

When it specifically comes to the eye area this is when skincare used in this area doesn’t penetrate properly. Also, by overusing an eye product that is too heavy containing pore blocking ingredients or slathering on too much which can prevent the sloughing and shedding of dead skin cells. Prolonged sun exposure damages this sensitive skin increasing your risk of forming a thick epidermis that obstructs cells from making their way to out. Milia can manifest.

Unlike the rest of the face, the eye area does not contain oil glands that keep this skin moist and it has limited blood circulation – therefore eye creams, serums and gels need to be very specialized so they can increase skin volume, hydrate, tighten, lift, and firm, reduce puffiness, dark circles, lines and crow’s-feet and absorbed properly.

When I was developing Skin 2 Skin I developed a complete all-in-one eye lightweight hydrating nutrient rich eye gel that is a heavyweight in actives and non-irritants. Specifically formulated not to hinder the natural sloughing and shedding of the dead skin around the eyes. Which lowers the risk of clogging pores and trapping protein beneath the epidermis.

Skin 2 Skin’s Revitalizing Eye Gel is very specialized in its design to increases hydration retention, moisturize, increase skin volume, instant and long term tighten, lift and firming, improves eye lid contour, brighten the eye area, reducing morning and long-term puffiness, dark circles, lines and crow’s-feet and it stays in place compatible with all eye makeup.

If you have Milia around the mouth it can be caused by fluoride in your toothpaste. Make sure when your brushing your teeth you avoid getting the toothpaste around the mouth. If you do rinse it off completely.

Don’t try to extract Milia at home it is best to find a qualified skin expert, aesthetician or dermatologist. You can cause scaring and or an infection if not done properly.