24/7 Rejuvenation, a Complete Anti-Aging Solution, Awarded Best Face Moisturizer by Truth in Aging

Best Ant-Aging Product 24/7 Rejuvenation by Skin 2 Skin

24/7 Rejuvenation awarded The Best Anti-Aging Serum by Truth in Aging. Skin 2 Skin, Plant Powered Skincare, Seattle WA.

Seattle, Washington – The hero product of plant powered skincare line Skin2Skin® has won yet another award by Truth in Aging. Skin 2 Skin’s 24/7 Rejuvenation, a Complete Anti-Aging Solution, had been voted as the ‘Community Favorite and Best Best Face Moisturizer for Truth in Aging’s Best of skincare awards.

“Every December we honor some of the amazing anti-aging products that have delivered unparalleled results throughout the year,” says Marta Wohrle, Founder of Truth in Aging. “The Truth in Aging Best Awards is now a hotly anticipated event by both our community members and our carefully-curated brands. The treatments, serums and creams we award are not only meet our strict standards – innovative, ethical, good for the skin – but are also proven effective by tough critics.”

24/7 Rejuvenation is an elite and complete anti-aging daily moisturizer, powered by a dynamic complex of potent anti-aging ingredients, including five highly powerful bioidentical, biomimetic and bioactive peptides and multiple plant actives. With the best natural Vitamin C extract, 100 times more potent than a single orange. Remarkably, 24/7 Rejuvenation provides over 200 essential nutritional elements the skin must have including multiple vitamins and antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, moisturizers, hydrators and anti-swelling. The 24/7 Rejuvenation is an anti-aging power without the use of  parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, paraffin, phthalates, sulfates, PABA, or synthetic color and fragrance, and it is never tested on animals. Retailing at $115.00, the 1.8 fl oz cream is priced competitively for its ingredient list and purity.

Skin2Skin’s story is unique. Co-founder and Chief Formulator Kenneth Simpson worked as head of cosmetics at major fashion retailers in New York when tragedy struck. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Intensive therapy and radiation worked to destroy the tumor, but sadly left extreme skin damage to his face. It was then when he turned all his powers of invention into creating a restorative formula to restore and rejuvenate his own skin. His formula worked and he went on to create the Skin 2 Skin plant powered skincare products to help others in improving and uplifting their own skin.

Skin 2 Skin’s full plant powered skincare line contains the highest concentration of anti-aging elements on the market today and features a White Tea Face Wash, an AB-HA Exfoliating Cleanser, Revitalizing Eye Gel, Aging Intervention Cream, Truth in Aging’s Best Sagging Skin Serum the Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum, an anti-expression line cream, and more. All products can be purchased at Skin2SkinCare.com, TruthInAging.com, and other spa and retail locations.

About Skin2Skin, Healthy Skin:
Skin2Skin is the leader in Plant Powered Natural Skincare providing scientific “Holistic Skin Wellness” solutions that are nourishing, therapeutic and improve the quality of the skin’s life, health and youthful appearance at every age. “I started Skin 2 Skin out of personal necessity. As a result of intense radiation treatments to combat a brain tumor, I was left with facial damage and I created my own product to eliminate all visible damage. It worked and Skin2Skin was born.” Kenneth Simpson, CEO, Chief Formulator and Co-Founder of Skin2Skin.