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Become a Skin 2 Skin Skincare Retail Partner

Welcome! We are always looking for qualified Retailers, Doctors and Spa wholesale partners to carry Skin 2 Skin®, Skincare products. It’s easy; no contracts, thousands of dollars opening order or large reorder requirements. We offer retail and professional size products, private label and custom formulations.

Skin 2 Skin® Skincare retail partner mission is to be your essential skin care resource for growing your business, satisfying customers, and showing results in:

  • Delivering preventative skin care
  • Pro-Aging Skincare by repairing and rejuvenating every skin layer
    Delivers the skin’s essential nutritional building blocks of healthy youthful skin life
  • Growing your revenue by delivering happy customers, customer follow-up and retention/up sell based on need, protocol for treatment and management of signs of aging. We have a synergistic fresh approach with the motto of Plant Powered Skincare “Plant to Skin” skin care that is Multifunctional Synergistic Smart Anti-Aging skin care products for the reason that it is simply smart to use effective proven Plant, Biotech and Bioidentical Peptides ingredients, without harmful additives. The products are proven in effectiveness and proven in developing market share and revenue in the fastest growing segment in skin care – Natural and Pro-Aging. We offer you the most advanced Plant Powered scientifically developed products benefiting you and your clients with a multifunctional synergistic targeting approach and a proficient system with faster noticeable results than others in the market.

Skin 2 Skin, is a Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free Plant Powered Pro-Aging Skincare line “Plant to Skin Skincare”, an international company, 7 years young, with over 22 awards and extensive accolades including, NewBeauty’s Favorite Boutique Anti-Aging Skin Care Line, Best Natural Skin Care Product, Skin Care of the Future, Spa’s Must Have Products, Best Natural Organic Skin Care in the Market, and The Best Vegan Beauty Product. Skin 2 Skin® is the anchor skin care line in many Wellness Centers, Doctor Offices, Spas and Med Spas and develops and manufactures exclusive products for award winning spas and retailers in the US and elsewhere.

“We chose Skin 2 Skin as our anchor line and creator of our Mineral Water Spa Products because we want to use only the most efficacious and natural products on our guests’ skin. As a sustainable wellness brand, we believe in partnering with companies that share the same mission and vision towards wellness, the community and the environment.” Rianna Riego, Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort, Corporate Director of Brand & Communication

“If I am doing a treatment on a customer, and recommending follow-up at home care with an assurance to improve skin integrity, heal, reduce lines/wrinkles and the visible signs of aging, bring clarity and hydration, I have to trust that it works. It is my integrity, expertise, experience and profession. For that reason we use Skin 2 Skin, Skincare it out performs every other skin care line we have ever considered or used.” Sharon Turner, Owner Esthetician The Rose Garden Day Spa, Sherman Texas

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Who to contact to become a Skin 2 Skin Skincare Authorized Retailer / Spa Partner:

Skin 2 Skin®, Skincare
4111 E. Madison St, Ste 8
Seattle, WA 98112-3241
Office (206) 257-1421
Toll Free: (877) 754-6790

United States:

Jesse Simmons, Sr. Account Manager
Direct: 1-253-278-4126


Skin 2 Skin Skincare Canada and US Great Lakes States Distributor
For information on distribution, regional or by sector and retail / spa partner opportunities contact:
Maia International Inc.
Office: 905 582 9970

Australia and New Zeeland Distributor:

Rachelle’s Health and Skincare
Glenelg North
South Australia