Photoaging Repair Cream is a Five Star Best Skin Lightener

I have light to medium thick olive skin and blue eyes and developed over years working outdoors multiple pea size thick dark brown spots and backs of hands, a persistent grayish brown cast to my chin, a quarter sized brown splash on my chest, mottled neck and chest and various color and shaped spots on my face. Since I did not want to use harsh chemicals on my skin after salicylic acid did not solve the problem, I was overjoyed by this recommendation by Marta at Truth in Aging. After three months of almost nightly use, the grayish brown cast on my chin is almost gone, my overall facial and chest tone more even and less “tea stained” looking, and remarkably that splash of brown on my chest has shrunken by about 20%, lightened by about 30%, and edges less defined. I really like this line of serums and creams working synergisticlly, and the delivery system from the bottles is airtight making them great travel companions. So very excited! Review by Karen – Age 55-60

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