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White Tea Face Wash
White Tea Face Wash
Skin 2 Skin has created a truly masterful more-than-a-cleanser cleanser!-NewBeauty Magazine

We find it almost funny that Skin 2 Skin decided to name their natural sulfate free foaming, exfoliating anti-aging cleanser White Tea Face Wash skin care product. Obviously white tea is an important and skin-impacting ingredient, with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attributes. But to cite just white tea in the title is to merely scratch at the surface of this cleanser's outstanding cast of ingredients.

Not only are there six other essential skin oils besides that of white tea-specifically, neroli, jasmine, orange, spearmint, lemon and bergamot-but there are also omega fatty acid and a whopping 20 other botanical extracts. We were tempted to list every single one, as they each bring something special to the table, but in the interest of time, here are some of our favorites: pomegranate, blackberry, honeysuckle, mallow, red clover, sea kelp, yerba mate, hops, and grapefruit.

The range of this recipe is amazing, and so are the benefits you'll reap just by washing your face: purification, protection, hydration, cell-renewal, etc. But before this NewBeauty magazines DailyBeauty article becomes just one big list of lists, we'll simply say that Skin 2 Skin Smart Anti-Aging skin care products has created a truly masterful more-than-a-cleanser cleanser! – NewBeauty Magazine DailyBeauty

“I love the White Tea Face Wash it removes camera makeup easily and without drying my skin. It’s is the can’t be without it product my face feels clean and hydrated.” Sean Kanan, Actor Bold and the Beautiful

“I am just thrilled that I can use the White Tea Face Wash to remove my makeup and not have to use a separate product. I must tell you that the skin around my eyes is much smoother and softer and the skin irritations I have always had on the eye lids are gone…” Frances S. California

Get Into an Anti-Aging Cleaning Face and Neck Routine. Cleans you face and neck twice a day morning and night using White Tea Face Wash or Oatmeal& Pomegranate Face Scrub and in the evening use Skin 2 Skin’s White Tea Face Wash you can use it with a Clarisonic or like device. The White Tea Face Wash easily removes makeup and waterproof mascara and can be use as a shaving emollient for face and legs.