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The Creation of Skin 2 Skin Natural Skincare
The Creation of Skin 2 Skin Natural Skincare

Skin 2 Skin:  The healing power of nature.  Natural plant powered skincare, born out of necessity, with a vision to change skincare forever.

"In 2005, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Several weeks later, I began intensive radiation therapy to combat the tumor.  The GOOD news was that the many weeks of radiation treatment worked!  I was tumor free!  The BAD news was that the radiation treatments left me with facial scarring, burns, discoloration and signs of accelerated aging. My doctors told me that these effects were, in all likelihood, irreversible.

I was not willing to settle for that diagnosis.  But, what to do?  I had 35+ years experience working in the skincare industry and extensive knowledge of natural and anti-aging skincare formulations and techniques.  Yet, at the time, the skincare industry was devoid of any product that would meet the challenge of restoring my damaged skin.  I decided at that moment to use my knowledge and expertise in the mass, natural, organic and anti-aging product market to "heal myself".  I truly believed that the solution to my problem was in a science-based, natural, organic plant formulation infused with essential nutrients, plant stem cells, multiple anti-oxidants and peptides.  I was convinced that I could create a product that would maximize and accelerate my skin's natural rejuvenating powers.  I just needed to discover it!

My first formulation - now widely known as Skin 2 Skin Aging Intervention Cream, worked extraordinarily well on my facial scarring.  Within a few short weeks, the damage to my skin began to disappear.  The "before and after" effects were startling!  My doctors were amazed at the speed of my skin recovery.  Today, I am tumor free and my facial scarring has disappeared.

I started Skin 2 Skin in 2009.  Our skincare products are formulated using a "Holistic Skin Wellness" approach which recognizes the connectivity and balance between our skin, the external environment, personal health and nutrition, lifestyle choices, natural aging and other factors affecting our ability to keep our skin healthy and vibrant regardless of age, gender or skin type.  This approach is the foundation of Skin 2 Skin products and the total focus of our company.

The Skin 2 Skin product line contains the highest concentration of anti-aging elements on the market today.  Skin 2 Skin products are scientifically formulated to work in harmony with the body to trigger positive cellular changes that improve overall skin function and health.  This rejuvenating effect enhances natural skin repair and rehydration, while naturally reducing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, appearance and balance.

Today's Skin 2 Skin Natural Skincare products were born out of personal necessity to "heal myself", and my passionate belief in the "healing power of nature".  My vision, and the mission of our company is to create products that are unique, effective and transformational".


Ken Simpson

CEO, Co-Founder, Chief Formulator

Skin 2 Skin Care