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The Creation of Skin 2 Skin Natural Skincare
The Creation of Skin 2 Skin Natural Skincare

The beginning of Skin 2 Skin, Natural Skincare out of necessity to heal Co-Founder, Chief Formulator & CEO Ken Simpson own skin.

Skin 2 Skin® Natural Skincare was developed out of necessity. On November 23, 2005 Ken Simpson, Skin 2 Skin Skincare Creator was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On February 8, 2006, he began eight weeks of five days a week intense radiation treatments to hopefully stop and reduce the tumor.

The intense radiation and drugs worked wonders on his tumor, but the side effects on Ken’s skin on the left side of his face were alarming. His skin had radiation burns, discolored, sore, raw and broken out, dry, overly sensitive, swollen beyond recognition and showed signs of accelerated aging.

Ken a skincare expert with over 40 years experience working in the skin care industry. His extensive knowledge in natural and anti-aging skincare experience in formulations, ingredients and functions of products had not prepared him for what was occurring to his own skin. Nothing that was available at retail or professional skincare that was toxic free and effective on his skin just irritated it more and was getting worse.

Ken was told by his doctors that his skin would be damaged for life and he could use a makeup foundation to cover it up. The last two weeks of treatment Ken formulated the very first Skin 2 Skin® toxic free natural anti-aging skincare product in his home. That first product, now known as the “Aging Intervention Cream” changed his skin within one week, making his skin healthier and giving him back a natural glow. Within two weeks, the damage to his skin had been reversed looking healthy and youthful again and his doctors were amazed by the results.

"My first intent was to create a toxic free natural anti-aging skincare product to heal myself. The success of that first product inspired me to create a complete natural toxic and carcinogen free natural anti-aging skincare line in a single collection that would address every skin type or concern for all ages, men, women, teenagers, and nationalities. Skin 2 Skin® is formulated from sustainable natural and certified organic plant powered ingredients infused with complex bio-peptides, plant stem cells, and plant actives. Skin 2 Skin® Plant Powered Skincare is scientifically developed to feed the skin with over 200 of the skin's essential nutritional building blocks, with complex anti-aging bio-actives that multifunction, repair and revitalizes every skin layer in perfect harmony with the body and all skin types - specifically targeting the skins health and aging skin issues at a faster rate, and creating the appearance of Healthy Youthful Skin."

Today Ken’s, tumor free, has created the only Plant Powered Natural Anti-Aging Skincare known as "Best in Class Natural Skincare" supported with numerous awards that include; The Best Skincare, Best Anti-Aging Skin Care, Best Vegan Beauty Product, Best Natural Skincare, Best Skincare Customer Satisfaction, and 7 years as The Best Natural, Organic Beauty Product in the Market.